Greetings, and thanks for coming to the Keenspace Frikeen Cold Winter 2002! Although this winter mostly takes place in 2003, it started here, in 2002, and that's what really matters, isn't it? This site will feature pinups of many of the Keenspace artists, mostly as a parody of the Bikeeni thing that all those Keenspot guys seem to like doing so much. Be sure to bookmark the site, because my sources inform me that it will be most funny indeed.

Saturday, December 21st
So, it's technically winter now, and despite the neglect Keenspace sites have been receiving, I've pushed ahead and put up the first set of pinups, in what is barely the beginning of this winter wonderland of parody. The site is tucked away in a little corner of my regular site, and as such is far from fully functional yet, but this at least lets everyone know that Frikeen Cold Winter lives! Dress warm, everybody, because Keenspace is about to get Cold!

Frikeen Cold Winter is technically hosted on Keenspace, even though they've yet to give it its own site.